Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Lost Paradise : Togian Islands

Perhaps you've never heard Togian islands, more than Bunaken island in Manado. Believe it or not this island more beautiful than Bunaken. For the diving and snorkeling lovers, you must visit this island. This is a lost world, one of the paradise island in the world, truly extraordinary nature.

Togian islands located in the Tojo Una-Una Regency, Central of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Togian island have the largets coral reefs spreed out in Indonesia, about 132,000 hectares. And also known as stuning dive spot.

Result of the Conservation International Indonesia (CII) surveys, in 2001 found 262 types of coral reefs in this area, 596 species of fish and 555 types of moluska and other rare species such as Giant Kima (Tridacna gigas), Green Turtle (Chelonia mygas), Turtle Shell (Eretmochelys imbriocata), lola (Trochus niloticus), dugong-dugong, and pilot whales. There are two species considered as endemic, mean only found living in Togian islands.

With the large number of fish and moluska means these conditions indicates that the coral reef in the Togian Sea still good and thick, so it becomes attractive option for many tourists from different country of the world to do diving and Snorkeling. Tourists spend more time here to bask himself all at once to enjoy the quiet calm of the sea and a soothing nature, before they go in the attractive dive spots.

Togian Islands have different types of coral reefs are very beautiful. CI Indonesia, around 262 recorded coral species classified into 19 families. One of them is the endemic species, including Acropora togeanensis.

Total of 91 species of Acropora found in Indonesia (which is also the highest in the world), which are in Togian Islands have 78 species. In general, the condition of coral reefs in 25 locations in the Islands Togian are 4% excellent, 16% good, 40% moderate) 28% poor and 12% very poor. Of course, Togian is heaven for divers,

One of the interesting dive spot is a fall place of Netherlands bomber aircraft, B-24 Liberator. this Aircraft located in 16-22 meters depth and can be achieved only with the 1 hour speed boat from Kadidiri island (one of the Togian islands part). This aircraft fall on May 3rd,1945 when return trip from Makassar, South Sulawesi, attacked by Japan soldiers.

Also we can see the native tribes of the Togian sea called Bajo ethnic. We will see how they build houses on the flow of sea and brackish. For you divers lovers, i suggestion you to visit this paradise island. You can go with some entrance, from Gorontalo or Palu. Then accros to Wakai Island, one of the tourists base camp before using boat to Togian Islands, this journey about 1 to 4 hours depend on vehicle/boat we used.

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