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Lore Lindu National Park

Now, I want to introduce you about National Park just only one in Central of Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Lore Lindu National Park has a rich of natural biodiversity, else there are some relic form of pre historic, megalith stone, one of the best megalith monuments in Indonesia. By UNESCO in 1977 became as biosphere heritage. Some location in around national park which attract tourism to visit include :
1. Besoa Valley; tourists can see Maleo Bird habitat and Megalith Stone recreational.
2. Lindu Lake, Wuasa, Gimpu & Bada; the lake tourists area and birds observation.
3. Saluki, Bada & Napu Valleys; the beautiful natural panoramic and some megalith stone
4. Mt Nokilalaki, Mt Rorekatimbo & Lariang River; the place for climbing, camping & rafting
5. Lewuto Lake; the lake and seeing the inheritance of Moradindo corpse
6. Dongi-dongi & Kamarora; place for camping, hot water, forest across and animal observation

Geographically, Lore Lindu National Park located at 119058’-120016’ LE and 108’-10’SL position. This park located between two administrative districts, Donggala (Kulawi, Sigi Biromaru and Palolo Sub Districts) and Poso (South Lore, North Lore and Central Lore Sub Districts). Based on decree from the Minister of Forestry and Plantation No. 464/Kpts-II/1999, dated on June 23, 1999 settled by 217,991.18 Ha broadly.

Lore Lindu National Park located at 200 to 2.610 above the sea level altitude, the highest peak are Mount Nokilalaki (2,355 M) and Mount Rorekatimbu (2,610 M). Rainfall annual average between 2,000 to 3,000 mm/year with 22 to 340C. This park also function as water catchment area, supported by two major rivers, Gumbasa and Lariang Rivers.

Lore Lindu National Park has two main types of ecosystem, the lowland rain forest ecosystem and the mountain rain forest ecosystem. Besides, divided in two sub zone, Mountain rain forest sub zone which is a transition ecosystem between lowland rain forest and mountain rain forest, and alpine mountain forest sub zone which is a transition ecosystem of mountain forest and alpine forest.

Some plants contained in this park are Eucaliptus, Cananga, Agathis, Rattan, etc. Also there are various type of animals, 117 mammals, 88 birds, 29 kinds of reptile, and 19 types of amphibian. 50% animals found in this area is endemic, i.e Tonkean Monkey, Babi rusa, Tangkasi, Cuscus, Maleo bird, etc.

Lore Lindu National Park can be reached with two or four wheeled vehicle; Palu - Kamarora (50 km), Palu - Wuasa (100 km), Wuasa - Besoa (50 km) and Palu - Kulawi (80 km). Trip inside this park can be done with walk or ride a horse or with motorcycle; with route Gimpu-Besoa-Bada and Saluki (Sidaonta) - Lindu Lake.
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