Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Beautiful : POSO LAKE

In Central of Sulawesi, Indonesia, there are also the object of imposing tour. For you traveling lovers, you can transit to visit one of the object tourism in the province, located in the middle of Tentena Poso District, Poso Lake. This lake is located at an altitude of 657 mdpl, is the 3rd largest lake in Indonesia. This lake extends from north to south along the 32 km and 16 km wide with a depth 360m in the south and 510m in the north. Natural view found in this lake is very beautiful and glamor, the cool air, carpet of white sand beaches that glisten, and the mountain slopes and virgin forests around.

This lake is located in the crossing between the Tana Toraja, Poso, Gorontalo and Manado trans sulawesi. Specialty of this lake is constant water and it is very clear. Uniquely, paving sand there on the lake consists of two colors, white and yellow golden. Also, the lake water is not salty like sea water.

The tourists can swim in this lake, and does not need to worry about their feet hurt because none of the rock is exposed along the shores of Lake. Besides, the tourists can also visit the beauty of orchid flowers that are in the Natural Park Anggrek Bancea. In this area of 5000 ha there are 55 types of rare orchids background with white sand beaches.

And the most famous dance is Lake Poso festival called "dero". Wave music with typical local and accompanied bonfire, make a beautiful night. Dero or more frequently called Modero is a dance that creates a sense of friendship, kinship and peace more sticky.

For access to the Lake Poso, through the road about 283 km from the Palu City about 8 hours. Around the lake there are many accommodation with affordable rates. One of the typical food is the ethnic Pamona special, arogo, the fish of the lake that it is very tempting. In addition there is also a roasted Sogili. Sogili is one of the fresh water eel

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