Monday, October 19, 2009

Anniversary of GPID Sion Kulawi Church

Source : Enos Lagimpu, SE
(Committee Secretary of GPID Sion Church Kulawi
Anniversary, Sigi District-Central Sulawesi Province)

The time has passed, our activity is over already in the framework of the anniversary of our fellowship establishment is often called the church community.

Kulawi people (to-Kulawi) is one of the tribal families who have hereditary inhabiting upland central Sulawesi and has a very upholding social order that is culture and beliefs.

Beliefs means to worship the Divine is known as "Karampua I'Tanah, Karampua I'Langi" which means that the Creator of Heaven and Earth or in another term called "To-Pehoi" which means the Creator.

Wunca event is one part of the worship of the Creator. This Feast of the ritual nuances by the Kulawi implemented as an expression of thanksgiving after the harvest in the fields or in fields that the stars were the "to-Balia" Priest or a leader community. Wunca Tarade is a symbol of success in harvesting that all people should feel and enjoy it (Proverbs :3-9-10)

Rego and the drum is the art form of dance and music that always brighten the atmosphere in the party rituals and rites of Kulawi.

Rego is one of the dance worship that gave wisdom and grace worship procession poetry in dance worship voiced "Wua Mosumala Tumai Metako" means the crop all the people came to enjoy it. In this context that evangelists came to Kulawi to evangelize, but unfortunately in line with the growth of seedlings Gospel, Wunca understanding of the Christian faith can not be interpreted as a form of worship to the Creator even considered against the teachings of the Gospel so gradually being lost and even will become extinct. 61st Years already gospel signed in Kulawi, is a long journey of the gospel history.

In its development in the tribal areas Kulawi which is inhabiting mountainous areas of Central Sulawesi, and in particular areas Donggala district at that time. It means growth in Kulawi gospel is the embryo from growing a church institution that stands in the region at that time, in Sinodal found April 4th 1965, officially became "GEREJA PROTESTAN INDONESIA DONGGALA. Seventeen years after the first seeds of the Gospel began to grow and develop into a group with the name of the Church of Sion Kulawi this is proof of salvation, God care for Indigenous communities Kulawi that need to be grateful and at the same time provide encouragement for people Kulawi to maintain, preserve and expand it until Maranata.

The last "Rade I'Mpingka Ngkoloe My Mabelo" which means we gratefully welcome all God works and deeds in Kulawi with open heart.

Picture above describes earlier time face of Sion youth, they were again surprised to listen to the song mars of youth movement brought local community choir, they whispered to each other "Yesterday Never Came's again".

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