Thursday, September 03, 2009


Tolitoli is one of district that is located in the northern city of Palu, Central Sulawesi provincial capital of Indonesia. Tolitoli District rather ordinary for most people, especially the backpacker. Besides the lack of information is the result of inadequate infrastructure facilities, especially a road link.

But for those who have visited this district, they will not forget the natural scenery, especially for marine tourism. There are several locations that can be used as marine tourism, among others Tanjung Batu Beach and Lutungan Island. In addition we can also see the activities and residential beach community.

In Tanjung Batu Beach, we can watch the sunset in the middle of the ocean, a very exotic landscape that could be seen when there are fishing boats traditional block our view of the sun, forming a silhouette of the boats were among the red glow of sunset. While enjoying the beautiful scenery, we also can enjoy the traditionally food sold by street vendors right on the edge of the beach. Not far from this location, there is a floating structure used to hold the local community events and family offices, public call with a floating restaurant.

Lutungan Island is about 3 km from the mainland island of Sulawesi. Above the island there is the tomb of King Buol, with hundreds of stairs to get to the grave site, located on the island mounds.

Travel lovers who like new challenges, can try to visit this area. Tolitoli can be taken by road, sea or air from the city of Palu.

All picture by Thony Irawanto

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