Thursday, August 13, 2009

Banggai Island

Now I want to introduce you one of the exotic island in the Central Sulawesi, Banggai Island, located in western part bordered by Banda Sea in the south and Moluccas Sea in the north, these islands have numerous large reefs that support a very rich marine life; vertical drop off covered with hard and soft coral, a lot of reef shark and turtles, schools of jackfish, tunas and many coral reefs fishes. Biodiversity is extremely high and its most unique species in the endemic ornamental fish "Banggai cardinal fish" (Pterapogon kaudermi).

Although some areas have suffered from destructive fishing methods, the outer reefs is still promising with some very beautiful walls, with a lot of gorgonians and black coral, small caves and overhangs. Divers will encounter larger animal like whales, dugongs, turtles, groupers, sometimes sharks and eagle rays. The inner island boast fringing reefs with coral gardens populated by small fish and also special animals like frogfish, ribbon eels, bobtail squid and more.

Also there is a waterfall that rarely visited by tourists even by the local community. This waterfall located in Salodik Village, and this pictures documented by M. Affan (, described that waterfall. The best season to visit is April to October every years, and you can contact Maleo Cottages (

(Source : Ecotourism Booklet -


  1. what a lovely island.. I hope I can get there sometimes.. :D

  2. Hi beautiful photos, thanks for sharing...


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